Key ingredients


This part of the site describes the Escondido Framework itself, providing summary coverage of

  • the shortcomings of existing theory
  • the core of the new theory of the firm at the heart of the Escondido Framework
  • the case for extending the theory of the firm to a wider range of organisations, including enterprises without shareholders, whether mutual, state owned or charitable

To provide an initial idea of the scope  of the framework, the outline of a book sketched out in 1995 with the working title “Inside Out” can be viewed here: Inside Out – 1995 Outline and Draft Introduction .  The reworked introduction and first chapter from 2005, under the working title “New Leviathan” can be viewed here:  Opening chapters of New Leviathan draft 2005  .

Links on each page take you to further blog postings are detailed reflections on particular themes that expand on each section.