Taking personal responsibility

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What does the Escondido Framework have to say about personal responsibility? It speaks both to our responsibilities within the organisations that we work in or play a part in, and also to our roles interacting with organisations, in our relationship with whichever is relevant market place.

It does suggest, that even as very small individual players we can affect the world around us, and may even suggest that we should be prepared to try to. However, the Escondido Framework is morally neutral, and essentially descriptive. It makes sense of the world as it operates. It does not address what the world should look like but by holding up a mirror to the world or providing a lens through which to look, it may suggest things that should be changed, for example around governance, or providing a logical basis for making a case for change.

It does throw back to the individual the opportunity to consider how they operate as a moral agent. What levers can they reasonably pull? When is it appropriate to seek to engage influence or even force? And given that the notion of solution space developed in the section “How firms relate to markets” can be applied in microcosm to individual departments or branches within a company, or even an informal local club, how do you think that you and your colleagues should position themselves with the available solution space.

And, finally, it also creates space for you to consider how you apply your own value system as well as your personal choices on the face of the indifference curve in order to affect the conduct of the organisations that we work in or do business with.

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